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Office Hours are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.  Please call or text within those hours unless you have an emergency.  Any requests made during the weekend may not be approved until Monday morning. 

Please be considerate of the closing times of the office when scheduling your visits.



-Potty Break- $13 quick ~ 5 min peepee break only outside no meals and/or playtime.  Does not apply to cat care.

-Regular Visit-15 min visit- $16 includes meals, walk and/or playtime

-Full Visit-30 min visit- $21 includes meals, walk and/or playtime

-Extra Visit- 45 min visit- $26 includes meals, walk and/or playtime

-Super Visit- 60 min visit- $31 includes meals, walk and/or playtime

-Cat care Visit-15 min visit -$16 includes litter scooping and meals and snuggle/playtime. Can be extended to 30, 45 and 60 minute visits for more playtime or laptime! See full extra super rate costs above. ^^

-Overnight Visit- 10 hours starting at $85 and are conducted between the hours of 9pm until 7:00am. They include all pet care within those hours.  



-A $0.25 technology fee is added to all individual visits. 

-Each additional pet is $5 each.

- Most meals are included in the price of the visits but feeding beyond scooping dry food into a bowl  and giving fresh water may be subject to a custom feeding charge.  

-Medication administration and custom feeding is extra, cost TBD per individual basis during consultation.  

- Any visit requested outside of normal visiting hours 7:00am-9:00pm accrues a $10 fee. 

-Weekend reservations consisting of less than 3 visits total incurs a $10 fee per visit.  

-There is a $10 fee on major holidays per visit:

Christmas Day and Eve New Years Day and Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day Veterans Day and Martin Luther King Day                                                                                                                                        -Any visits within a pet sitting reservation that have been extended with less than 48 hours notice is considered last minute and an $10 fee will be attached to the rate. PLEASE NOTE THAT EXTENSIONS REQUESTS MAY NOT BE APPROVED DUE TO SCHEDULE RESTRAINTS.   



-No refunds are given at any time for any reservation already booked, confirmed and completed. 

-All cancellations must be made 36 hrs before any dog walking reservations. Please note the time of your visit to gauge at what point your cut off time is the day before.

*If cancelling outside of this window the full amount of the visit cancelled will be charged.

-All cancellations must be made 48 hrs before any pet sitting reservations. Please note the time of your visit to gauge at what point your cut off time is the 2 days before.

*If cancelling outside of this window the first whole day of visits will be charged.  

Last Minute Bookings and Changes

Please try to book your pet sitting visits as soon as possible and dog walking visits, for the next week, before the weekend.    As easy as it is to request visits on your app it takes a considerable amount of time for the office to fulfill and fit your requests, once sent, into the schedule. 

-New client reservations and all pet sitting reservations require 5 days notice.

-All dog walking reservations must be made 36 hrs prior to time requested.  

- Monday dog walking visits must be made by 5pm Friday.

-Saturday and Sunday reservations require 48 hours notice for reservations and changes·   

-All reservations made after the above mentioned time windows are considered last minute and are subject to a $10 fee per visit within the entire reservation. 



-Visa, MasterCard Amex or PayPal is accepted. Cash or check is accepted only in the event that online payment has failed and must be dropped at the office no later than 7 days after due date.

-Invoices are charged after the last visit to the form of payment entered into the Scout app-Please do not leave cash or checks at the house.  

-If you would like to give a gratuity to your sitter there is an option to do so within the app.  

Gratuities, of which 100% goes to your nanny, are appreciated but not necessary.  



-For your safety, keys may NOT be hidden anywhere inside or outside of your property.

        We prefer to handle keys in one of the following two ways:

  1. The office can keep a copy of your key which will be tagged and kept in a safe.  

  2. You can keep your keys in a lockbox somewhere on your property with the code provided to the office.  The code will be noted in the Scout app.  Please notify the office of any change to this code ASAP.

A fee of $25 will be applied to your reservation for pick up or drop off of your keys before or after your reservation.  Keys will not be returned until this fee is paid.



-We operate in time blocks and cannot guarantee specific times for scheduled visits. Time blocks include:

Early Morning- 7am-9am

Morning- 9am-11am

Midday- 11am-1pm

Early afternoon- 1-3pm

Afternoon- 3pm-5pm

Evening- 5pm-7pm

Bedtime- 7pm-9pm

Overnight- 9pm-7am

-While we try to get as close to the requested time as possible the schedule of the sitters are created by route based on reservations booked per day.  This changes daily. 



-Please leave out or leave the location of needed supplies.  Inability to locate needed supplies takes time away from the visit and your pets care.  

-If supplies are not left or cannot be located the sitter will purchase supplies and owner will be charged the total amount plus handling. 

- We do not offer open, conditional visits. If you are on the schedule, the visit will be honored by us, regardless of the circumstances (ie rain  etc..) unless you cancel.  

- For your animals safety, cats will not be allowed outside throughout the duration of the pet sitting reservation.

- There is a minimum of ONE visit daily for cat sitting and THREE visits daily for dog sitting unless specifically approved by the office. Not applicable to regular dog walking.  

- Cats needing once per day visits will be taken care of morning, midday or evening within the route of the sitter.

- We reserve the right to use backup sitters in an emergency.

-  Rates are subject to change without notice.

-  In the event of extreme weather during a scheduled visit dogs will NOT be given an extended walk.  They will be given enough time to relieve themselves only and the remaining time will be spent indoors.

-  We do not guarantee specific times for visits.  Visits are scheduled within a time window of approx.2-3 hours determined by route and pet sitter’s reservation schedule.

-  We politely decline service if someone is unexpectedly in your home during the time of scheduled visits. If the sitter had not been notified and we cannot get ahold of the client; the sitter will not stay and client will be charged in full.

-  The Animal Nanny is not responsible for wilted, dead or otherwise unhealthy plants.                                                

`Plant care is not a priority within the sitters duties but The Animal Nanny will work hard to follow your written directions as precisely as possible. Please place all indoor plants together on a waterproof surface in plain sight, as your pet sitter is not responsible for water damaged areas or missed plants.

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